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Our Team

About Soul Dog Training

My name is Claire Clark and I have loved animals since the day I was born, you can ask my mom! 

​My very first word was DOG, so that should have given my parents a heads up

that I would soon be trying to rescue every stray dog or cat that I saw!

Becoming involved with the Metro East Humane Society a few years ago let me begin to live my

dream of helping to save animals. I held the position of Photographer, Trainer,

Member of the Board of Directors, and head of  the Shelter Committee for MEHS.

While I was attending a Traditional "Positive" Dog Training Program, one of my friends told me about a new revolutionary method called Trust Centred Training. I attended a training in Springfield Missouri that introduced me to the method. I fell in love instantly and knew that this was what I was meant to specialize in.  I was lucky enough to be able to do an Externship right here in St. Louis with Judy Luther, the founder of Trust Centered Training. I completed my traditional course through Animal Behavior College and have received my Accreditation for the Trust Centred Training method.

I focus on helping you form a bond with your dog that lets you begin to communicate with them, and makes them love you so much that they will do whatever you ask of them.  No commands needed. 

Private lessons in your home or Zoom sessions are available for maximum convenience.

No two classes are ever the same, each dog is an individual and I help you craft a plan to

meet their specific needs. From new puppies arriving home to newly adopted rescue dogs with behavioral issues, my methods allow me to troubleshoot and problem solve for your specific situation. I look forward to hearing from you, please fill out the questionnaire at the top and I will call you when I receive it! Claire

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