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Training classes are fun for you and your dog!

Anything that you can teach a 3 year old child, you can teach your dog! Lessons start with bonding exercises to strengthen your relationship with your dog, and then we progress to being able to communicate with them and teach them to tell us what they really want and need! This method is also amazing for dogs that have behavioral issues. Give me a call and we can create a plan that will work best for your family. 

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow me to work with dogs that may have problems with strangers or children in the home,  housebreaking, jumping on guests, problems walking nicely on leash, or separation anxiety. Basic manners and teaching them to come when called is always included.

Private lessons at your home will be:

Single Session $115

Packages must be paid at first session to receive discounted rates. Cash is preferred.

2 Sessions for $210

3 Sessions for $300

 Additional sessions can be added for $100 each.

Sessions are 60 minutes long. 

If you are interested in scheduling, please fill out the Questionnaire

at the top of the page. 

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