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Group Lessons

held at Club Whisker Bones

3407 State route 157, Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Therapy Ambassadog Academy

4 weeks of class each session, 3 sessions required. $116 each session of 4 classes.

This session begins April 26th and will end May 17th.

Second Session begins May 31st and will end June 21.

Third Session begins July 5th and will end July 26th.



The Therapy Ambassadog Class is for owners that wish to be able to work with their dog as a Therapy Dog Team and visit nursing homes, schools, libraries, etc...  Your dog must be at least 1 year old, have good manners, walk nicely on harness, love meeting new people, and must also have a calm temperament around other dogs.  If you would like to have your dog evaluated before signing up, please contact Claire to set up a time to meet. 


This is Session 1 of the 3 sessions required to complete the Therapy Ambassadog Certification. Each session will be 4 weeks of class on Thursdays at 7:30 pm. There will be a one week break in between each session.  This is a commitment to attend 12 class sessions. No makeup classes will be offered, so each class must be attended.  We will be covering ADA laws and each week will be introducing the dogs to new things that they will be experiencing out in the world on their visits.


Prep School Puppies

Level 1 

6 week class   $174  starts Monday April 9th, 6:30pm

10 weeks to 1 year


This class will help owners bond and have fun with their puppies, while guiding them to teach their puppies in a force free manner.  We will also work on the proper way to socialize the puppies with other people and their dogs.


Bonding Exercises



Coming when called

Answering Yes or No questions

Walking on leash with a harness

Teaching them what is “icky”

Teaching them to trade you for things




Prep School Puppies 

Level 2

6 week class    $174  starts Monday April 9th, 7:30pm

4 months-12 months (must have attended Level 1 class or private lessons previously with Claire)


This class takes your pups education to the next level. We will address issues that go along with older puppies, such as jumping and barking, etc… We will be focusing on building their confidence and learning ways to drain that puppy energy while teaching them some really cool things!








Like Me


Leash Walking




Terrific Teens

1 year and up

(Does not require previous classes, this starts with the basics for older dogs)


6 week class   $174  starts Thursday April 12th, 6:30pm

Bonding Exercises

Coming when called

Answering Yes or No questions

Answering Choice questions

Using a Harness/Loose Leash Walking


Sniffy Walks




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